10 tips for the maintenance of your pool during the summer! ☀️


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Discover our tips for enjoying your pool when temperatures rise 🌡


  1. Filtration time: your filtration should run every day for at least half the temperature of the water. For example, if your water temperature is 24°, let the filtration run for at least 12 hours.
  2. The filtration must be started during the day. We advise you to start it in the morning, from 7am.
  3. Wash the filter once a week.
  4. Check the water level, it should be at least halfway up the skimmers.
  5. Set up your hydraulic robot daily. Wipe the water line regularly.
  6. Check the water balance regularly. You can carry out the test with the test strips at home. We also welcome you in our shop to perform a Waterlink test for a detailed water analysis. In order to carry out this test, take a 1 litre sample of water before visiting us so that the sample is not altered.
  7. If your pool is chlorinated, place chlorine tablets in the skimmers every week. If you have a salt pool, make sure you have the right amount of salt in your pool.
  8. If possible, take a shower before each swim to keep the water clean (sun oil, sun cream and self-tanner not recommended).


⚠️ Be careful with your pool if it has a lot of bathers and/or if the weather is stormy. This is because your water can easily turn green or white.

➡️ In both cases:

9. Carry out a filter wash daily.

10. Check the water balance with a test strip and adjust the parameters if necessary.


Do not hesitate to contact BLM PISCINES in Landerrouat, Gironde for swimming pool maintenance and for any further information. We are open and available throughout the summer season.